From the Pastor’s Desk


Thank you for visiting the Providence website. Our ministry emphasis at Providence is primarily evangelistic, without sacrificing attention to the many social concerns that plague today's society. At Providence, we understand it's impossible to give the bread of life successfully, to people whose problems include all the by-products of indigence.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to use this medium to provide information about our fellowship. As sharers in the divine culture, we are both diverse and dedicated; diverse because we want none to feel excluded in terms of membership or contribution, but dedicated as well, because we recognize how important God's agenda is.

Our vision of Providence, is a growing Fellowship, committed to knowing Christ, and making Him known.  We seek this goal of receiving and giving through the components that facilitate our ambition, namely, worship, fellowship, administration, education and outreach.

In worship, we envision ourselves growing in attitude and appreciation for declaring the ‘worth’ of God.  In doing so, we anticipate not only a deepening worship experience for ourselves, but the presentation of an attractive model of worship for those who are searching for truth and fulfillment.

In fellowship, we envision the strengthening of the bonds which identify our commonality, for the purpose of displaying our oneness of spirit, even as we celebrate the diversity of our backgrounds.  We anticipate this deepening of church relationships to be facilitated through worship experiences, church activities and recreational opportunities.

In administration, we envision a church, led and nurtured by a scripturally inspired plurality of elders, the chief elder being the senior pastor, and supported by a ministry of deacons and ministry of trust, who share an ever-growing awareness of scriptural truths and spiritual direction.  We stand committed to this model, with the expectation that our goals for God will ultimately be accomplished.

In education we envision a strong weekly and weekend model of Christian training, which includes an extensive curriculum for our adult and youth populations, and a daily academy including a daycare component.  We expect this to be achieved as we continue to identify those whom God has selected to instruct, and the programs which will provide the training necessary for every instructor.

In outreach, we envision a continued practical approach of door to door ministry, as well as the implementing of outreach efforts utilizing the various print and electronic mediums of the day.  In this way, we shall take advantage of every venue God makes available to us.

Our theme at Providence is, "To know Him, and make Him known", reflecting the responsibility of every church and Christian to enter a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and then to share the message of that relationship, for the purpose of advancing God's Kingdom, by adding to God's Family.  Obviously, our emphasis is the salvation of the soul and the christian component which produces it, namely, evangelism.

We have been in Kingdom business since 1883, serving God, edifying the body of Christ and witnessing to the Atlanta community and beyond. Please take a few moments to get acquainted with what makes us what, and who we are. I'm sure you'll find us to be representative of all that God has to offer through the local church. More importantly though, come worship with us and experience what a website is unable to offer you; a real sense of the presence of the true and living God. That is after all, our purpose for providing this "information station" to you. And if you do choose to visit, I know you'll leave us unlike the way you came. God bless you, and see you soon!


Peace and Blessings,

Charles E. Nesbitt, Jr.